Ferienverein: development of CMS and Booking system

In the 21th century, big Swiss Hotel Group keeps using the phone during the booking process. They phone us to solve it. We develop a CMS platform able to manage multiple domains and up to 7 languages in a unique booking solution. It allows multiple users with different roles to work on it, while all the data is updated in real-time.
Not to sound technical, but...


Development, IT consulting


The brief

Design and engineer a user-friendly booking process.

The Ferienverein is a leading hotel group for sports, wellness and family holidays whose goal is to offer the best holiday experiences of the market at an affordable price. When they got in touch with us, all the booking requests were still handled exclusively by telephone. Our job was clear. We had to design and develop a new content management platform which also worked for multiple domains and languages with a unique online booking solution. We must add here, that an average booking request usually consists of multiple types of transportation (land/air) as well as accommodation and renting of equipment, like bikes or inline skating.

The technical challenge

Multi language/domain content management system

The platform is operated by a single Typo3-instance, and accessible via multiple domain names, one for each hotel and corporate website. The content of each website is available in different languages (German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch). In order to provide each hotel access to its content, we had to set up different user groups and user roles. All the data regarding the availability of the rooms and the services is handled by other external booking engines (Simplebooking and Seekda), which provide appropriate widgets to access all that data. These widgets consisting almost entirely of HTML and Javascript elements, and they had to be adjusted to the overall platform’s Look & Feel.

There was an exception to manage the all-inclusive packages offered by the resorts in Spain and Italy, for which we had to develop an access to the booking system they already had (DaVinci).

The solution

Check availability in Real-time

Using the API we were provided with, we are able to check the availability of the resorts packages on a daily basis, publish them and make them available for public booking. Once a booking process is started, the desired package is checked again for availability in Real-time and it’s inserted directly into the DaVinci database, which the client would use later to do the billing.