Kohler Ilario: new web and concept

Le Corbusier meets Cinderella

Kohler Ilario

UX design, Web redesign, Concept, Development

Zurich's architecture studio Kohler Ilario assigned us the renewal of their old minimalist website. We preserved the formalist aesthetic, but also implemented a special colour assignment system on their portfolio.

Just like a robotic Cinderella, the back-end will change the colours of each preview and detail page at 12pm. But not any colours. The palette used to identify the items is the famous "Salubra" gamma created by Monsieur Le Corbusier himself. The projects are also identified with an icon based on their respective floor plan, and a dynamic filter allows the user to sort the projects in a list or a picture grid. The result is an uncluttered and functional space with hidden surprises.