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Yuujou World

UX Design, Digital Product, Full Development


This is the story of two journalists and a venture capitalist with a crazy idea. They wanted to show the world that we're all connected; literally connected. To do so, they would create the first human chain of friends. The first link of that human chain would be located in Berlin, and the last link in Japan. The people creating that chain would be organized in two teams. One team would travel east, the other would travel west.

During the adventure, the teams should document their experiences and then share them on an online community, especially built for this purpose. The name of the project? Friendship in Japanese, Yuujou.

Our assignment was to create two digital platforms. One to find and select the right people, and one to broadcast the whole adventure. The result was spectacular. Only 12 hours after its launch, Yuujou hit over 1.000 active users and was featured in the major Swiss media.

Now, while the community keeps steadily growing, Jam'on digital already works in the second and most challenging stage of the project. The digital platform that will live-broadcast the first online community that truly connects friends.